Have a Going-Away Party That Stands Out!

Whether you’re leaving town for a different city, moving jobs or going traveling, a leaving party is a great way for everyone to see you off. Saying goodbye is never easy but a fun-filled leaving party is a great way of leaving with some happy memories to take away with you.

In the following tips, we’ll look at how to make your leaving party memorable for years to come.

Pick Your Venue

Choosing your venue depends on your numbers and what sort of party you want. Make sure that the venue has adequate space for the number of guests attending and think about if you need space for extras like a photo booth, guest book table, gift table, DJ, etc. Don’t forget to think about parking arrangements too.

Choose a Theme

Farewell party themes are fairly easy. If you’re going off traveling, there are loads of things that can inspire your theme. Equally, if you’re retiring, it’s pretty easy to organize an appropriate theme too.

If you’re a big fan of something specific, why not celebrate that in a theme. If you’re into astronomy, for example, these could easily be incorporated into your farewell party.


The decorations you choose could link into your theme but you could also think about general decorations like balloons, banners, and table decorations. If you’re leaving a job for a new opportunity, choose general decorations like a few sophisticated balloons here and there. If you’re going traveling or moving abroad, you could decorate your room and tables with travel-themed decorations.

Entertainment – Photo Booth and Props

Down to the main part of your party – entertainment! Now here’s where a photo booth can come in! You want your guests to have a good time, but equally, you probably want some lasting memories of the event too! A photo booth is a great way for all of your guests whether friends, family, or colleagues to have fun and get to know each other.

Your photo booth can be themed along with the event so if you’re going traveling, you can choose an appropriate backdrop or have a green screen so you can pretend to be in various locations across the world!

No photo booth is complete without props! A farewell party can have so many different props. What about a chalkboard for good luck messages? Or some Hawaiian leis and sombreros?


If you’re thinking of a guestbook for your farewell, how about using a photo booth too? Your guests could stick a photo of themselves from the photo booth into a book and write a good luck message underneath. Not only will you have a record of who attended your leaving party, but your guests will have a fun time doing it too.

Memories and Souvenirs

Whatever the reason for your leaving party, hiring a photo booth is a great idea. It will provide entertainment for you and your guests as well as creating souvenirs and long-lasting memories for years to come.

Rent a Fashion Runway Booth For Your Corporate Event

Fashion runways are always great at getting people to strut their stuff and have a good time. If you’re planning a corporate event and are thinking of hiring a photo booth, a fashion runway photo booth would be a great choice. Let’s look at some reasons why.

Why is a Fashion Runway Photo Booth a Good Idea?

Hollywood Glamor

A runway photo booth will give your guests the ultimate glamorous photo booth experience and for a split second, they might feel as though they’re on the red carpet at the Oscars! The runway photo booth has a camera that is mounted on a tripod so your guests will feel they’re like the rich and famous being followed by paparazzi.


As with other photo booths, the main purpose of a photo booth is to give your guests a good time. No matter what line of business you’re in, if you’re running a corporate event, a photo booth like the fashion runway booth is guaranteed to entertain your guests right until the end!


Because a runway photo booth is a bit like an open-air photo booth, your guests will be able to see each other taking pictures. This will encourage others to join in too. Everyone will have a great time taking photos, as well as watching others have their photos taken.


If the venue for your event has limited space, a runway photo booth is great because it can easily fit into small spaces.

Group Size

The runway photo booth can fit both small and larger groups of people in a shot so whatever the configuration of your business and tables at your corporate event, you can rest assured that this photo booth will be accessible for all.


Whether you choose a runway-style photo booth or any other photo booth for your corporate event, bear in mind that this is a great marketing tool. A personalized backdrop with your company name, company logo or company hashtag on it will mean that your company gets free marketing whenever a picture is shared.

People love to share photo booth pictures on social networks like Twitter and Instagram. Even better, you could encourage this sharing so that you can retweet or share posts yourself and show what a great company you are to work for and with.


All things considered, you really can’t go wrong with a fashion runway photo booth at your corporate event. It will tick so many boxes! For a business, the biggest benefit of a runway photo booth is by far the marketing you can get from it.

The main things to consider though are props and backdrops. Customize these with your company name, logo or hashtag and watch the marketing happen by itself! Finally, if you allow guests to take home prints, make sure these have your company on too so that no matter where the prints end up, your company name is always there!

Ten Reasons Why a Photo Booth is a Great Addition to your Philadephia Event

Entertainment value:

Having a photo booth is a novelty! They’re so much fun and put a smile on all of your guests’ faces, no matter their age!

Breaking the ice:

For corporate events or charity fundraisers where all of the guests might not know each other, a photo booth is a great activity to break the ice! They’re great for networking and making new friends.

Party favors in a flash – literally!

All guests will get to take home party favor that is personalized! Many photo booths come with printing on-site, so your guests can take home a personalized memory of the event!

Fun for everyone:

No matter the age range of guests at your event, everyone will enjoy the photo booth. Photo booths are easy to use and even elderly guests will let their hair down and have fun with the props.

Raise Awareness:

A photo booth is perhaps not the first thing you think about when you’re looking to organize a charity event yet it is a great way to raise awareness for causes.

For example, if you’re organizing a charity walk or run, you could have a photo booth on the finish line so everyone can have their photo taken. You can even customize the backdrop and photo print out with a charity hashtag or name.

Quick photo prints for all:

Printing on-site is a great advantage of photo booths. With a photo booth, you’re not waiting weeks or months for a professional photographer to edit and touch up your images before the guests get to see them.

Guests can simply grab their prints after they’ve had their photograph taken! You’ll also get to see the images online too!

Sharing online and on social media

This is an area that has grown loads in recent years and it’s something that is only going to continue to grow. Photo booth software these days allows photo booth attendees to upload their photos directly to Facebook and Instagram, for example, or email them to themselves on a touchscreen.


With a photo booth, you can really customize your experience. You can choose a themed backdrop or even have a green screen option. There are loads of ways to customize a photo booth, including props and lighting.

Guest surveys

If your Philadelphia event is a corporate or charity event, you might want to survey your guests. Most software that photo booths use can be customized to allow a quick survey for guests to complete before their photo booth session.

You can ask whatever you want to know – it’s a great way to get leads or get some important data for your business from potential and current customers.

Increase engagement

Photo booths are great tools for business events if you’re trying to grow your presence on social media. If you host an event, you can encourage your guests to upload their photos to social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using a hashtag that you define.

When people engage with a photo booth, your company’s brand will be all over it in terms of hashtags and text on the printouts. It’s a no-brainer really! Customers, employees and guests will all be helping to build your brand when they post online.

Photo Booth: Good Investment or Not?

Photo booths are nothing new, they actually came about as far back as the 1920s! How they’re used has changed somewhat, though. Traditionally you’d get 4 or so black and white pictures for a few cents. You’d find photo booths in malls, stations and movie theatres and they were a quick way of entertainment or a way of getting an ID card photograph done!

Photo booths and their use have evolved and they’re now seen at many events, none more so than weddings. Wedding trends come and go but nothing has made such a change to the traditional wedding as the introduction of a photo booth.

Nowadays, it could actually be said that a wedding isn’t a wedding without a photo booth. Guests have come to love them and expect them at events. So, without further ado let’s look at whether or not a photo booth is a good investment for a wedding.

The Pros

  • You will get more wedding photos – and they’ll be of a different caliber. Photos in photo booths are really fun and much less formal than your traditional wedding photos. Oftentimes the wedding photographer goes home after the first dance so having a photo booth will mean that the photos carry on until the end.
  • The prints can also be wedding favors – this means you’ll actually save money on buying additional gifts for your guests! Wedding favors can be tricky to sort, simply because it’s hard to choose something that everyone will appreciate. I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t like a take-home photo as a memory of a great day.
  • A unique way of doing a guest book – encourage your guests to take a snap of themselves to stick in your guest book with an accompanying message. Not only will you have a lovely visual guestbook, but you’ll be able to remember exactly how everyone looked on your special day.
  • It’s great entertainment – if there’s downtime in your wedding between eating and the evening party, a photo booth is great. Also, some people are just not into dancing and so a photo booth will keep them entertained.

The Cons

  • Make sure you look into all of the expenses of a photo booth. You might need to provide a meal and refreshments for the person running the photo booth and you might need to pay for extras like printing or different backdrops etc.
  • A photo booth could stop people dancing


It was actually quite difficult to come up with a list of cons! The truth is the benefits of hiring a photo booth far outweigh any negatives. One of the cons was that a photo booth could stop people dancing but realistically, there can only be so many people in a photo booth at once.

Also, most people love dancing as much as they love a photo booth experience. So, in answer to the question “is a photo booth a good investment for a wedding?”. The straight forward answer is: yes!

8 Types of Photo to Take in your Photo Booth

Here are 8 types of photo that really should happen in your photo booth!

If you’ve decided on a photo booth for your wedding (and you totally should, they’re awesome!), then it’s important to plan what types of shot you want to take in advance so that you don’t wake up the next morning wishing you’d got a picture of X doing Y.

  • Bride and Groom

This goes without saying but you’d be surprised how often it happens that brides and grooms are so busy mingling with all of the guests that they forget to treat themselves to the very photo booth experience they themselves organized! Make sure you put some time aside to take some romantic shots as well as the silly shots with props!

  • Bridal Party

Get the bride together with her maid of honor and bridesmaids to take some great photo booth shots with props. The larger the group, the earlier in the event it’s best to try and get this shot!

  • Groom and Groomsmen

There are some great photo booth shots to be had with the groom and his groomsmen. Depending on the group size, get the groom picked up by all his groomsmen for a fun, unique photo. Even better, why not get as many props on the groom as possible!

  • The Parents

Of the bride and groom, we mean. There might not be many occasions in which both sets of parents get together – the next might be the couple’s first child’s christening! Get a few nice poses as well as silly shots to show their future grandchildren.

  • All the Kids

If you have kids at your wedding, they’ll love a photo booth. If it’s not too much of an impossible task, try and get all of the kids in one shot with props!

  • Jumping Photos

Ready, steady, JUMP! This type of photo is great because guests concentrate so much on the act of jumping that their expressions are really funny and spontaneous. Alternatives are 1, 2, 3, turn, where you turn from facing backward to facing forward on the click. Those with loose long hair will get a really great ‘swoosh’ effect on the picture!

  • Silly Photos

Silly photos are a must! Leave inhibitions outside the booth! Silly photos will make you laugh all night long and for years to come too!

  • As Many People in Shot as Possible!

This is quite a challenge! See how many people from the wedding party you can get in the shot at once! You’ll get some really great expressions!

The truth is, whatever type of photo you take in the photo booth, you’re bound to have a great time. Moreover, you’ll have memories and souvenirs to last a lifetime. And, if you go on to have children, you can show them what a great time you had when your adventure as a couple really began. Above all, have fun, the rest will happen as a result!

Seven Fun Things to do for All the Family in Dayton

Laser Web

Whether you’re local to the area or visiting, there are lots of great family-friendly activities in Dayton. Let’s take a look:

At Laser Web Dayton, you can do Laser Tag, Virtual Reality, or the Laser Maze. There is also an arcade and a snack bar.

Laser Web can also organize birthday parties and events. They often have Daily Specials listed on their website too so you can get different deals on certain days. Find out more here.

Five Rivers Metroparks

This is a public park system made up of outdoor recreation, conservatories, and educational facilities in the Dayton area. There are more than 15,400 acres spread across 25 different facilities. There are mountain bike areas, hiking trails, a golf course, a butterfly house, and a whitewater feature among others. There is something for everyone every day of the year! Find out more here.

Decoy Arts Center

This is a space for young and old that allows you to get stuck into painting or pottery. They run classes and host special events. You can even arrange private lessons too. This is their website.

Young’s Jersey Dairy

Who doesn’t love good ice cream? Young’s Jersey Dairy is a great place for a family day out and they make their own ice cream too! Check out their website here – it does “moo” loudly on loading though!

The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle has loads to do from batting cages, soft play, miniature golf, and water wars. They frequently run special events and can host birthday parties too. The website is here.

Washington Township Recreation Center – Rec West

This place has excellent Google Reviews – 4.6/5 from 38 reviews. At the Rec West, you can have dance parties and birthday parties or you can just come to enjoy the pool tables, arcade games, foosball, air hockey, and table tennis. They also have lots of tech including two Wii systems – one of which is attached to a movie-size screen, two computers, a full-size movie theatre, a mini basketball gym, and a big-screen TV!

Wild Axe Throwing at Beavercreek

Do you like target practice but want something a little different? How about trying your hand at wild axe throwing! This is a novel experience and great idea for a birthday, date night, team-building exercise, or just for fun with family and friends.

You will receive training by a professional axe master to help you perfect your technique and get hitting the bull’s eye.

Sessions last one hour and there are 11 lanes. Each lane can take up to six axe throwers. If you’re wanting to come as a party you can book the party room that has 2 private lanes. You can also purchase adult beverages.

Axe throwers must be 15 or over to join in. If you get a taste for axe throwing, you can even join the weekly leagues! Booking online is easy. Visit their website for more information.

10 Great Shots to Try in Your Photo Booth

Whether you’re organizing or attending an event with a photo booth it’s easy just to fall into the trap of not planning your shots and, well, they end up pretty typical.

Tongue out? Check! Goofy pose? Done! But, there are so many great ideas for photo booth shots. Read on to see our favorite ten ideas.

Our Top Ten Photo Booth Shots

No. 10 The Smile

Ok, so maybe you weren’t expecting this to be in our Top Ten but there aren’t enough smiles in the world! You can’t beat a traditional smiling picture. If you find this boring, try mixing it up a bit by saying the equivalent of “cheese” in another language!

In Spain, the go-to word is papa, which means potato. South Koreans say kimchi, which is a local delicacy made of spicy fermented cabbage. Yum. 

No. 9 The “Get as Many in as Possible” Shot

This is perhaps more of a challenge than a shot! See how many people you can get in the photo booth frame. Get creative and opt for piggybacks and shoulder carries to maximize the number of faces in the frame.

No. 8 The “Vogue”

Every fancied yourself on the cover of a magazine? Practice your best side in a Vogue-style pose. Take your inspiration from current cover girls (and boys) and get yourself a great take-home snap.

No. 7 Charlie’s Angels/Men in Black Pose

Team up with your friends and strike a pose as a group. A wedding is an ideal place to team up in all-female or all-male groups for a Charlie’s Angels or Men in Black-style pose.

No. 6 Piggybacks and Picking up

Release your inner child and have a piggyback ride in front of the camera. Be careful of any pulled backs though, this isn’t a pose for the fainthearted.

No. 5 Photobomb

The ever-hilarious photobomb is one to try for a funny shot. Ideally, you would do this with someone you know well so that they don’t get annoyed or offended!

No. 4 Writing on Props

Providing they’re available, write-on props like chalkboards, whiteboards, and pegboards are great for messages and funny hashtags. Check with the party host in advance whether there’ll be things to write on so that you can plan some funny texts!

No. 3 Dancing

Always a favorite is dancing! Why not wait for your favorite song to come on before heading to the photo booth instead of the dancefloor? The enjoyment will show in your faces and you’ll have great photos to remember.

No. 2 Jump

Our second spot is reserved for a great action shot. On the count of three, 1, 2,3, JUMP! These shots are hilarious – more often because there’s always one that forgets to jump or who jumps before the rest.

No. 1 The Surprise Kiss

Our top spot goes to The Surprise Kiss. Pose with your sweetheart and just as the camera is about to click, lean in for a surprise kiss. The results of these shots are always surprising!


So there you have it, our Top Ten shots to try at the photo booth! We’d love to see some examples after the event!

Wedding Photo Booth Rental in Dayton

If you’re considering renting a photo booth for your wedding in Dayton, you’re making a wise choice! Photo booth rental is a great addition to any wedding, here are a few reasons why:


We know that a wedding is all about the happy couple, but wedding guests love nothing more than having fun in your honor and having a little take-home memento to remember the occasion.

With a photo booth, your guests will be able to make their own souvenirs from your big day – they’ll have fun and create memories to last a lifetime. There are lots of different types of souvenirs including photo strips that can be put onto your fridge that will transport guests back to your wedding day each time they open their fridge and see the photo booth pictures!

Great Favor Ideas!

Let’s be realistic, most favors are either thrown out, lost or eaten. With photos from a photo booth as a wedding favor, you can save effort and money – and your guests will love them! With a photo booth, your guests could take lots of different pictures before choosing the right one to take home with them. While doing so, they’ll be creating lots of great memories and be having the best time ever! 

If you want to do something to match your wedding theme, you can buy photo strip frames online from stores like Etsy so that they’re the same color or design as your theme.

Get great photos of all of your guests

Over the course of your wedding, the wedding photographer will be snapping away and will get some great pictures of your guests. However, the photographer’s priority is always going to be about taking shots of the happy couple.

Having a photo booth is a great way to ensure you get great pictures of all of your guests. It’s a great addition to a wedding but remember, it’s not a replacement for a wedding photographer or videographer.

It is simply a way to supplement your event. A photo booth will mean you get to capture even more special times through the day.

Loved by all

Finally, everyone loves a photo booth. Taking pictures is timeless and, therefore, photo booths are loved by young and old alike.

Older guests will love the nostalgia of old-time photo booths, adults will enjoy it because they’ll be able to have fun and be playful, and children will enjoy being silly in front of the camera.

It’s also great for getting guests to mingle with people they don’t already know.

What are you waiting for? Book today!

There are loads of different types of photo booth all with lots of features. From classic photo booths with props, to mirror booths with touch-screen interaction – there is simply so much choice!

Whatever you decide to go for, it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment. Photo booth rentals for weddings are really popular in Dayton so don’t delay!

Photo Booths And Their Rising Popularity In Lexington

Across the globe is a rising, and somewhat surprising, phenomenon: the photo booth in Lexington. Why surprising?

Well, with the popularity of smartphones and apps that can filter and edit your shots like Snapchat and Instagram, it’s a bit strange that photo booths are having some sort of re-birth.

The first photo booth

It’s almost one hundred years since the first photo booth came about. The first one was installed on Broadway in New York in 1925 by a Russian man named Anatol Josepho.

Within the first six months, over 280,000 people used it! Just two years later, its owner, Anatol Josepho, sold the Photomaton as it was named, for one million dollars. He still continued to earn royalties too!

The photo booth rebirth

It seems to be that photo booth popularity is on the rise again. In fact, more people search “photo booth near me” than “wedding DJ near me” when organizing their big day.

And it’s not just weddings that are using photo booths either. Many corporations are hiring them as an ice breaker for colleagues to have fun at work events, schools are using them in their proms, and people are hiring them for birthday parties.

Why aren’t people using smartphone cameras at events?

They are. Nothing says “party” more than a filtered selfie these days! But, you get so much more with a photo booth. They’re exciting and every age of guest loves them. As well as the photos, people go home with the memories of taking them too.

More than a digital image

The idea of a photo booth is obviously to take photos. However, with a photo booth, you get to have so much fun while you’re taking them. Because of their customizability, you can often get a whole group of people in the shot.

And let’s not forget the props! Oh, the fun to be had with a feather boa and oversized glasses!

In my opinion, one of the best things about hiring a photo booth is that you can get printed pictures too. Photos have become very much a digital thing these days, with very few actually making it into a frame or printed photo album.

Not just a classical photo booth

Gone are the days of sitting on an adjustable swivel stool! Photo booths nowadays are so much more! You can have interactive mirror booths, inflatable LED booths, open-air booths, fashion runway booths, as well as box booths.

Modern photo booths also do a lot more than take pictures. You can make GIFs, HD video messages, share photos on social media, color effects on prints like sepia or black and white.

The organizer can also have access to all of the photos on a DVD and a web gallery.

Hiring a photo booth in Lexington

Has this article given you ideas for your next big bash? Well, start planning now! It’s actually hard to choose between types of photo booth. They’re all so great and unique! 

Photo Booth Rental – The Best Entertainment Idea in Indianapolis

Taking a photograph is arguably the best way to capture a brief moment in time. No matter the occasion, people really love taking photos to help them remember the fun they had.

What better way to add entertainment at your event than a photo booth!

Unlike photos with smartphones or photographers, photo booths provide guests with experiences. It is more than just a photograph, your guests will enjoy themselves and even have a take-home souvenir of the fun they had.

How many of their smartphone pictures would they be likely to print? Probably none.

Capture the Moment

Having a photo booth means your event guests can take photos with friends and capture all of the fun they’re having at the event. Photo booths aren’t just about simple photographs though.

Modern versions of the photo booth are much better than smartphone captures. In fact, you’re often able to get physical copies of the photographs straight away in high-definition.

This will make your event really memorable for all that attend. Birthdays, weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvahs – whatever your Indianapolis event, a photo booth will give your guests a lasting memory of the phone they had.

The physical photo will also allow guests to relive your event time and again. What’s more, they’ll tell everyone all about it!

Entertain guests

Everyone knows that photo opportunities are fun. They’re even more fun in a photo booth. With a photo booth, can have lots of different backdrops to make your event and your photos really personalized.

Another great thing about photo booths is that you can have props to make your photos really come alive. It’s great fun watching guests become like children again once they step inside a photo booth. There is hours worth of fun to be had!

Everyone loves a photo booth

Unlike other entertainment ideas, photo booths are great for everyone and everyone will love it. Whether old or young, all guests get to make great memories with a photo booth. Children love them and so do the older generation.

Take-home souvenirs

Forget party bags and party favors, photo booths provide both entertainment and take-home souvenirs for your guests. This is one type of party favor that guests won’t want to throw away once they get home.

In fact, the photos might adorn fridges and offices for many months and years to come! They’ll certainly be a talking point.

Share your memories at your Indianapolis event

Photo booths are all the rage – Kim and Kanye West even had a photo booth at their wedding! However, social media is popular too! Did you know that you can combine the two?

There are loads of photo booths that are interactive and have connectivity to the internet. You can save your photos to your device, share them on your newsfeed, or send them to friends and family on What’s App or Snapchat!

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