Canopy Creek Farm is one of Dayton’s most popular and honorable venues. Located on the outskirts of Miamisburg, Ohio, this rustic-themed venue, with its simple elegance, is something that all guests will remember. Canopy Creek gives its hosts both an indoor and an outdoor atmosphere. This allows a great option for that borderline party planner that wants the best of both worlds.

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The Scenery 

The Canopy Creek grounds are absolutely breathtaking for an outdoor wedding. From its surrounding forest scenery to its charming pond, Canopy Creek has a variety of beautiful picture perfect settings.  The covered porch surrounding the reception barn allows guests to have an outdoor view of the lovely landscape without being too far from the festivities. 

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Image Courtesy of Chelsea Photography

The Reception Barn

The onsite barn is enchanting and spacious with an awe-inspiring vaulted ceiling. Its beautiful hanging chandeliers are ideal decor for any event.  The reception barn is mostly used for receptions, but serves as a great alternative for planned outdoor ceremonies that encounter unexpected weather.   The barn itself is a stunning venue for wedding ceremonies and will never disappoint.  The wonderful Canopy Creek staff does an excellent job at shifting the room one setting to the next.

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The Loft

One unique aspect of Canopy Creek’s beautiful barn is the awesome loft located in the back of the venue. The loft is a intimate area where guests can have a great view of  the entire party.  The loft also makes a great spot for any addition entertainment such as a photo booth where your guests can get silly with photo booth props!  

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The Staff

Canopy creek offers their venue for a variety of events. From corporate parties to family celebrations, Canopy Creek is accommodating to any kind of special occasion. The friendly staff at Canopy Creek is great at making events seamless. Canopy Creek’s customer service and on-site event coordinator makes event planning easy for clients and vendors.  

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Canopy Creek Farm is definitely worth visiting and checking out for your next special occasion. With its new up and coming status, Canopy Creek available dates fill up quickly. Whether, you are planning a wedding or your next company function, your guests will be blown away by this gorgeous and enchanting venue.