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With barn weddings becoming increasingly popular, people are wondering if achieving the charming, rustic style requires sacrificing an element of elegance (dealing with heat, dust etc). Well, I visited a wedding barn over the weekend that proved to me it is possible to achieve both. It was a scenic drive to JLH Wedding Barn, with acres of farmland, crops and animals, (I passed a pasture of cows on my way down the gravel driveway to the barn). 

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I immediately felt enchanted by the venue; there were white lights circling wooden posts all around the room and flowing white curtains draped across tall windows (which allowed daylight to stream in). Delicately placed flowers in mason jars were on every table and windowsill, and beautifully decorated, pink cupcakes were stacked in a magnificent tower by the staircase. The bar was located directly to your left as you walk in the front door and a delicious looking build-your-own taco bar, provided by On The Boarder, was directly across from that. The patio on the first level was a great place for guests to talk, laugh and enjoy the cool evening until dinnertime, while the upstairs balcony provided a breathtaking view of miles of surrounding farmland; the kids loved it up there!

The Wedding couple reserved the entire upstairs for me to set up our Big Black Photo Booth and props. There was a constant stream of guests visiting the booth, laughing and creating unforgettable memories. The DJ, (who turned out to be the Bride’s Uncle), had a killer playlist which kept people on the dance floor all night.

By the end of the night, I was convinced that it is possible to have a marvelously elegant wedding and reception inside of a barn. JLH Wedding Barn has all of the desirable and charming qualities of a farm without any of the discomfort (that’s right, they have AC)! It’s a fantastic location for wedding photography as well, plenty of background options and natural lighting. Everyone looked amazing and I was blown away by the inviting, quaint atmosphere that remained throughout the duration of the reception. I had a great time and I hope to return soon, congratulations Amanda and Gavin!


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