Jeremy and Sam had one of the most clever and fun ideas for their big day: a safari themed wedding at the The Cincinnati Zoo .

An aesthetic two-story patio with a walkway, which wrapped around the building, provided an excellent view of the park. Stringed lights hung loosely from the ceiling creating a tastful, romantic tone for the night. You could see animals from the reception area or you could go explore and get a closer look! 

We brought our amazing LED Photo-booth to add to the festivities and to preserve the many precious memories that were made that day. Everything was outside except for the photo-booth, which was set up directly inside the building. 

Paper animal fans were given to all of the guests to help beat the heat; the wedding couple made sure everyone stayed cool and comfortable throughout the day.

The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in The United States! The organization has a rich history and a range of programs which are beneficial for our wildlife.


This was definitely one of my favorite wedding’s to attend with a photo-booth, there was never a dull moment and everyone had a blast; congratulations, Jeremy and Sam! 

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