Photo booths are a must-have for most modern weddings these days so if you like the idea of a photo booth but don’t want to go mainstream, it’s a good idea to do a photo booth that is a little bit quirky but a lot of fun!
Photo booths have loads of added benefits alongside entertainment.

They can provide you with guestbook photo entries, favors, and wedding souvenirs. Let’s look at some more unusual ideas to your classic photo booth.

Mugshot Backdrop and Signs

Whether you’re a police officer or just want a laugh, a photo booth with a mugshot template is a hilarious take on a traditional photo booth.

Your guests can stand in front of the typical mugshot ruler backdrop and hold a board that can be customized for their “crime”. It’s great fun seeing what fake crimes your guests come up with!

From crimes of fashion to crimes in dancing, this will have people up and laughing all night long.

Personalized Instagram Frame

These are fairly easy to make. Your guests can have fun holding up the Instagram frame (and then will probably post the photo on Instagram too!).

Chalkboard Backdrop

Chalkboards are all the rage at the minute and a chalkboard backdrop is a great look for any wedding or party.

You can personalize it with your names and wedding hashtag so that people can post, share, and look up photos of your happy day on social media sites.

Sit-on Moon and Stars

If you’re the creative arty type, get your hands dirty and make a backdrop that involves a cut-out moon and stars. Imagine how great your pictures could look with your guests sitting on a crescent moon!

DIY Selfie Station

If you love the idea of a photo booth but simply can’t afford one, you can still give your guests a great experience with a DIY Selfie Station.

Clear space on your iPad, put it on a stand with instructions and provide some basic props and you’ll have great memories of the evening!

A Photo Booth Without The Booth

Another idea for those on a tight budget is a photo booth idea with a different. In fact, this is so different in that it’s not really a photo booth at all. For this idea, you can still provide props and a backdrop, although you can do it even without these.

The idea is that you provide a wireless photo printer and provide instructions for your guests to take photos to send to the printer.

You could use these as guestbook photos, wedding favors or just to make a fun photo collage that you can keep adding to as the party goes on!

Unusual Ideas

Photo booths are great but if you want a more unusual version of a photo booth, why not discuss your plans with friends and family and get even more creative ideas!

Whatever sort of photo booth you decide to go for, we’re sure that you’ll have a great time with lots of great photos as a result!