Planning your wedding is a complicated and time-consuming task. There are so many different strands to think about including guest entertainment, photographs, and wedding favors.

If you’ve decided to hire a photo booth (and, let’s face it, you cover all 3 of those things with one!), then read on to find out what you can expect out of your photo booth experience.

Photo Booths For Weddings

The photo booth market is an ever-expanding market. Many traditional photographers are adding to their repertoire by branching out in the photo booth industry.

After all, photo booths are a big business as far as weddings go. There are, however, so many different options to choose from! Whatever type of photo booth you decide to go for, there are many things you can expect.

Expectation No. 1: Fun for the whole family

You hire a photo booth because you want to entertain your guests among other things. We guarantee that a photo booth is fun for all the family!

From toddlers to octogenarians, the photo booth is a great, fun-filled experience for anyone. The great thing about a photo booth is that there are so many different types of photos you can take.

You can have a sensible pose with your Great Aunt Elizabeth or a silly gurning pose with your seven-year-old nephew! There is so much fun to be had!

Expectation No. 2: Too expensive

Obviously, the price depends on what you want from your photo booth but, when you think of what you get out of a photo booth, they’re actually really great value for money!

What’s more, you can double up the photo booth experience as favors for your guests or you can make it a part of your wedding guest book!

All in all, therefore, photo booths are a great value!

Expectation No. 3: Guests will get bored after a while

There may be times when the line is longer than others but there will always be guests coming back for more! You’ll find a few key guests by the end of the evening that just can’t tear themselves away!

Once the ice is broken and people start flocking in, there will be a steady stream of guests taking snaps until the bar closes and it is time to go home!

Expectation No. 4: You need loads of different props
Not really

While props are great, you actually don’t need that many!

A few funny hats, some oversize glasses, and a chalkboard are great inclusions in your prop box.

There are, of course, many props that make great photos: streamers, party poppers, and glitter confetti are three examples but, if you’re wanting to keep costs down, have props that can be reused by all guests.


Whatever type of photo booth you choose and whatever your expectations, you really won’t be disappointed with the experience and the service.

Photo booths are so much fun, you’ll be thinking about when you can next hire one!