When a teenage girl becomes a young adult there is no better way to celebrate than a Sweet Sixteen Party. There is a whole host of parties for all styles and budget.

A Sweet 16 is usually a formal affair to help the girl celebrate her passing into another stage of her life. For many young girls, their Sweet Sixteen party is a milestone of great importance as it marks her transition from child to adult.

It is something that is second only to a wedding. Planning your daughter’s Sweet 16, therefore, is no mean feat – it is much more important than any other birthday party.

A parent’s task list for a Sweet 16:

-2 months to 3 months before the party

Planning this event can take some time so around 2 or 3 months before, try to sort out your venue and organize the date!

Deciding a Date

The date of the Sweet Sixteen party doesn’t have to be on the actual birthday. It’s best to be after the birthday (so the girl is actually 16) rather than before.

Don’t forget to consider holidays and plan these in accordingly. It would be really sad to have an empty party because of key dates being overlooked.

Choosing a Venue

It can be a difficult task to choose the right location. You will need to consider your guest numbers alongside your budget limitations.

Ideal places for such a party include a hotel facility, a ballroom or a party hall. However, if your budget is tight, you can always use a community center or park pavilion.

Who are your guests?

It depends on the girl. Some will want a huge, elaborate affair with a big crowd, others might want a smaller, more intimate party with just a few close family and friends.

Save the Date

Because the Sweet Sixteen is in a few months’ time, it would be a good idea to send a ‘save the date’ card or message so that the guests won’t plan anything for the day.

Order Invitations

When you have everything booked (venue, date, and guest list), you can order your invitations. You could even make these yourself to add a personal touch.

Choose a Theme

The next step is to decide on a theme that will be unforgettable. Be sure to tease ideas out of the birthday girl herself!

Food Arrangements

If yours is a formal party, you can organize event caterers. If it is less formal, think about what you’re going to organize and arrange for other family members to help out in the run-up to the party. Don’t forget to order the cake!

Book the entertainment – your photo booth!

This is the best part of organizing a Sweet Sixteen Party. And… a party isn’t a party these days without a photo booth!

Everyone will love a photo booth! The laughs, the smiles, the screams of excitement – all of this will be captured in photo form! What’s more, a photo booth makes perfect party favors!

Your guests will love the experience and will keep their photo keepsakes for a long time! Photo booth rental is definitely the way to make a Detroit girl’s Sweet Sixteen come alive!