The backdrop of a photo booth shouldn’t be underestimated! This can really change how your photos look and the image that they create. Photo booths have come a long way from their original blue curtain or white screen backdrop of days gone by.

Realistically, the choices are endless, which often makes the decision really difficult! Let’s look at some possible backdrop ideas to get you thinking.

  • Plain Backdrops

Plain backdrops are great for any event and make really great pictures. To add some glamour to an event, a plain gold or silver backdrop is a really sophisticated option.

  • Glitter Curtains

To add even more pizazz, opt for a glitter curtain or image as your backdrop. These are ideal for weddings and other glamorous events where people are dressed to impress.

  •  Historical Backdrop

Depending on the event, it might be appropriate to have a vintage backdrop to tie into a theme. If the event is a birthday for someone born in the 60s, you might choose a backdrop that reflects this, for example.

  • Cityscape

A cityscape is a great backdrop for an all-out glam event. A Las Vegas-themed event would look great with a paired backdrop and a Hollywood backdrop would look great for a movie star-style event!

  • Seasonal Backdrop

If it’s a Christmas party or New Year celebration, reflect that in your backdrop. For a Christmas party, you could even incorporate appropriate props like Santa hats and fake gifts, for example.

  • Corporate Backdrop

Any business event is really about marketing. A photo booth can be a subtle marketing tool. Add your company logo or an interesting hashtag to the backdrop and the photos will be your latest marketing technique when employees upload them to their social media accounts.

  • Green Screen Backdrop

If you really can’t decide what backdrop to go for, leave your options as open as possible with a green screen. This way, you can change the backdrop at the drop of a hat and can provide all sorts of photo opportunities at the click of a button.

What to Think Consider When Choosing a Backdrop

Your backdrop choice will depend on a number of different things. Before you make a final decision, consider the following:

  • Whether or not your party has a theme – Hollywood, 60s, or 1930s prohibition, whatever your theme, make sure your backdrop is a great addition.
  • Your guests – their style. Think about what your guests would like in a photo booth.
  • The event style – if it’s a very formal, black-tie affair, a photo booth backdrop needs to reflect this.
  • Business opportunities (for a corporate event, of course) – think about adding a logo, slogan or hashtag onto the backdrop to promote your business at every photo opportunity.

Final Decisions

If you really can’t decide, go for the green screen! That means you can chop and change however you fancy throughout the event. A green screen will be loved by all!