Taking a photograph is arguably the best way to capture a brief moment in time. No matter the occasion, people really love taking photos to help them remember the fun they had.

What better way to add entertainment at your event than a photo booth!

Unlike photos with smartphones or photographers, photo booths provide guests with experiences. It is more than just a photograph, your guests will enjoy themselves and even have a take-home souvenir of the fun they had.

How many of their smartphone pictures would they be likely to print? Probably none.

Capture the Moment

Having a photo booth means your event guests can take photos with friends and capture all of the fun they’re having at the event. Photo booths aren’t just about simple photographs though.

Modern versions of the photo booth are much better than smartphone captures. In fact, you’re often able to get physical copies of the photographs straight away in high-definition.

This will make your event really memorable for all that attend. Birthdays, weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvahs – whatever your Indianapolis event, a photo booth will give your guests a lasting memory of the phone they had.

The physical photo will also allow guests to relive your event time and again. What’s more, they’ll tell everyone all about it!

Entertain guests

Everyone knows that photo opportunities are fun. They’re even more fun in a photo booth. With a photo booth, can have lots of different backdrops to make your event and your photos really personalized.

Another great thing about photo booths is that you can have props to make your photos really come alive. It’s great fun watching guests become like children again once they step inside a photo booth. There is hours worth of fun to be had!

Everyone loves a photo booth

Unlike other entertainment ideas, photo booths are great for everyone and everyone will love it. Whether old or young, all guests get to make great memories with a photo booth. Children love them and so do the older generation.

Take-home souvenirs

Forget party bags and party favors, photo booths provide both entertainment and take-home souvenirs for your guests. This is one type of party favor that guests won’t want to throw away once they get home.

In fact, the photos might adorn fridges and offices for many months and years to come! They’ll certainly be a talking point.

Share your memories at your Indianapolis event

Photo booths are all the rage – Kim and Kanye West even had a photo booth at their wedding! However, social media is popular too! Did you know that you can combine the two?

There are loads of photo booths that are interactive and have connectivity to the internet. You can save your photos to your device, share them on your newsfeed, or send them to friends and family on What’s App or Snapchat!