Across the globe is a rising, and somewhat surprising, phenomenon: the photo booth in Lexington. Why surprising?

Well, with the popularity of smartphones and apps that can filter and edit your shots like Snapchat and Instagram, it’s a bit strange that photo booths are having some sort of re-birth.

The first photo booth

It’s almost one hundred years since the first photo booth came about. The first one was installed on Broadway in New York in 1925 by a Russian man named Anatol Josepho.

Within the first six months, over 280,000 people used it! Just two years later, its owner, Anatol Josepho, sold the Photomaton as it was named, for one million dollars. He still continued to earn royalties too!

The photo booth rebirth

It seems to be that photo booth popularity is on the rise again. In fact, more people search “photo booth near me” than “wedding DJ near me” when organizing their big day.

And it’s not just weddings that are using photo booths either. Many corporations are hiring them as an ice breaker for colleagues to have fun at work events, schools are using them in their proms, and people are hiring them for birthday parties.

Why aren’t people using smartphone cameras at events?

They are. Nothing says “party” more than a filtered selfie these days! But, you get so much more with a photo booth. They’re exciting and every age of guest loves them. As well as the photos, people go home with the memories of taking them too.

More than a digital image

The idea of a photo booth is obviously to take photos. However, with a photo booth, you get to have so much fun while you’re taking them. Because of their customizability, you can often get a whole group of people in the shot.

And let’s not forget the props! Oh, the fun to be had with a feather boa and oversized glasses!

In my opinion, one of the best things about hiring a photo booth is that you can get printed pictures too. Photos have become very much a digital thing these days, with very few actually making it into a frame or printed photo album.

Not just a classical photo booth

Gone are the days of sitting on an adjustable swivel stool! Photo booths nowadays are so much more! You can have interactive mirror booths, inflatable LED booths, open-air booths, fashion runway booths, as well as box booths.

Modern photo booths also do a lot more than take pictures. You can make GIFs, HD video messages, share photos on social media, color effects on prints like sepia or black and white.

The organizer can also have access to all of the photos on a DVD and a web gallery.

Hiring a photo booth in Lexington

Has this article given you ideas for your next big bash? Well, start planning now! It’s actually hard to choose between types of photo booth. They’re all so great and unique!