If you’re considering renting a photo booth for your wedding in Dayton, you’re making a wise choice! Photo booth rental is a great addition to any wedding, here are a few reasons why:


We know that a wedding is all about the happy couple, but wedding guests love nothing more than having fun in your honor and having a little take-home memento to remember the occasion.

With a photo booth, your guests will be able to make their own souvenirs from your big day – they’ll have fun and create memories to last a lifetime. There are lots of different types of souvenirs including photo strips that can be put onto your fridge that will transport guests back to your wedding day each time they open their fridge and see the photo booth pictures!

Great Favor Ideas!

Let’s be realistic, most favors are either thrown out, lost or eaten. With photos from a photo booth as a wedding favor, you can save effort and money – and your guests will love them! With a photo booth, your guests could take lots of different pictures before choosing the right one to take home with them. While doing so, they’ll be creating lots of great memories and be having the best time ever! 

If you want to do something to match your wedding theme, you can buy photo strip frames online from stores like Etsy so that they’re the same color or design as your theme.

Get great photos of all of your guests

Over the course of your wedding, the wedding photographer will be snapping away and will get some great pictures of your guests. However, the photographer’s priority is always going to be about taking shots of the happy couple.

Having a photo booth is a great way to ensure you get great pictures of all of your guests. It’s a great addition to a wedding but remember, it’s not a replacement for a wedding photographer or videographer.

It is simply a way to supplement your event. A photo booth will mean you get to capture even more special times through the day.

Loved by all

Finally, everyone loves a photo booth. Taking pictures is timeless and, therefore, photo booths are loved by young and old alike.

Older guests will love the nostalgia of old-time photo booths, adults will enjoy it because they’ll be able to have fun and be playful, and children will enjoy being silly in front of the camera.

It’s also great for getting guests to mingle with people they don’t already know.

What are you waiting for? Book today!

There are loads of different types of photo booth all with lots of features. From classic photo booths with props, to mirror booths with touch-screen interaction – there is simply so much choice!

Whatever you decide to go for, it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment. Photo booth rentals for weddings are really popular in Dayton so don’t delay!