Whether you’re organizing or attending an event with a photo booth it’s easy just to fall into the trap of not planning your shots and, well, they end up pretty typical.

Tongue out? Check! Goofy pose? Done! But, there are so many great ideas for photo booth shots. Read on to see our favorite ten ideas.

Our Top Ten Photo Booth Shots

No. 10 The Smile

Ok, so maybe you weren’t expecting this to be in our Top Ten but there aren’t enough smiles in the world! You can’t beat a traditional smiling picture. If you find this boring, try mixing it up a bit by saying the equivalent of “cheese” in another language!

In Spain, the go-to word is papa, which means potato. South Koreans say kimchi, which is a local delicacy made of spicy fermented cabbage. Yum. 

No. 9 The “Get as Many in as Possible” Shot

This is perhaps more of a challenge than a shot! See how many people you can get in the photo booth frame. Get creative and opt for piggybacks and shoulder carries to maximize the number of faces in the frame.

No. 8 The “Vogue”

Every fancied yourself on the cover of a magazine? Practice your best side in a Vogue-style pose. Take your inspiration from current cover girls (and boys) and get yourself a great take-home snap.

No. 7 Charlie’s Angels/Men in Black Pose

Team up with your friends and strike a pose as a group. A wedding is an ideal place to team up in all-female or all-male groups for a Charlie’s Angels or Men in Black-style pose.

No. 6 Piggybacks and Picking up

Release your inner child and have a piggyback ride in front of the camera. Be careful of any pulled backs though, this isn’t a pose for the fainthearted.

No. 5 Photobomb

The ever-hilarious photobomb is one to try for a funny shot. Ideally, you would do this with someone you know well so that they don’t get annoyed or offended!

No. 4 Writing on Props

Providing they’re available, write-on props like chalkboards, whiteboards, and pegboards are great for messages and funny hashtags. Check with the party host in advance whether there’ll be things to write on so that you can plan some funny texts!

No. 3 Dancing

Always a favorite is dancing! Why not wait for your favorite song to come on before heading to the photo booth instead of the dancefloor? The enjoyment will show in your faces and you’ll have great photos to remember.

No. 2 Jump

Our second spot is reserved for a great action shot. On the count of three, 1, 2,3, JUMP! These shots are hilarious – more often because there’s always one that forgets to jump or who jumps before the rest.

No. 1 The Surprise Kiss

Our top spot goes to The Surprise Kiss. Pose with your sweetheart and just as the camera is about to click, lean in for a surprise kiss. The results of these shots are always surprising!


So there you have it, our Top Ten shots to try at the photo booth! We’d love to see some examples after the event!