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Do You Really Need A Photo Booth For Your Cleveland Wedding?

If you have been to a wedding or two over the last couple of years then it is likely that you have seen, or even used, a photo booth. They have become increasingly popular as the years pass and this popularity isn’t waning.

But, should you have a photo booth at your wedding? Is it really the must-have that people say it is? What are the benefits?

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Here are 5 good reasons why you really need one for your Cleveland wedding:

  • Photo booths are fun

This is an obvious statement but it’s true. When you hire entertainment for your guests, you want it to be lots of fun and, well, a photo booth is certainly that! However, with a photo booth, you get lots more for your money than you do with other forms of wedding entertainment. If you could calculate the value for money in terms of laughter and fun, this would be at the top of the list.

Photo booths aren’t a solo activity, they’re fun because large groups tend to visit the booth together to take pictures. When people see the props, even those who say they’re camera-shy will start getting involved.

And, when they’re all laughing, other people will take an interest and want to be involved in the fun as well! Photo booths can combine to be a guest book.

When your wedding is a memory and you get back from your honeymoon, then you’ll be able to look through your guest book, photo booth and remember all of the good times that you had. Both your family and friends will love leaving memories for you in this way!

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  • Photo booths can combine to be a guest book

When your wedding is a memory and you get back from your honeymoon, then you’ll be able to look through your guest book, photo booth and remember all of the good times that you had. Both your family and friends will love leaving memories for you in this way!

  • Capturing moments when the photographer can’t

A photo booth is a must-have simply because the photographer  of your wedding can’t be everywhere and can’t capture every moment. By having a photo booth, you will capture your guests in an entirely different way and will have loads more photographic memories.

  • Watching people in an open-air photo booth is fascinating

Watching what people are doing in the photo booth is entertainment in itself. Seeing how they interact, try on props and decide which poses to do is great fun! Even if you choose an enclosed photo booth, it’s great fun to see what fun everyone got up to in there. Weddings really do bring out the best in people and it will be great to see how different your guests are when they’re adorned with props in front of a camera!

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  • Memories

This is probably the main reason for hiring a photo booth for your wedding – the memories created. As well as creating guest book photos, digital photos, or strip photos, guests will have great memories of your wedding day! The best day of your life will live long in your guests’ memories just because of a few snaps in your photo booth! So, what are you waiting for? Book your photo booth for your wedding in Cleveland today!

10 Great Reasons to Hire a Photo Booth at Your Next Corporate Event

Are you planning a corporate event, and want to make sure everyone has a great time? Why not get a photo booth!

Corporate events are a part of working life in many industries. While many of them are great, some of them can get boring, fast. So why not liven up your next work event with a photo booth? Everyone loves to take photos, and a photo booth provides your staff and/or potential clients with a great little reminder of what an amazing event they got to attend.

Here are 10 great reasons why a photo booth adds the perfect finishing touch to any corporate event:

1. They can help to improve the atmosphere

Everyone has attended some nightmare work events in their lifetime, and you want to make sure that yours doesn’t go the same way. It should stand out, but for all of the right reasons only. If people are enjoying themselves, things are bound to work out so much better for you and your company.

Photo booths are used to recreate a sense of fun and nostalgia. Everyone has a memory of rushing into a photo booth with friends and trying to capture a funny face or pose, to get the perfect shot.

Placing one of these at your event gives all your guests the chance to have fun recreating that. If you add a couple of silly props in the booth, this is guaranteed to make people laugh, and it will almost certainly improve the overall mood of your event.

2. Photo Booths are a great tool to encourage networking

Is your corporate event full of people who don’t know each other? Encouraging your guests to take photos with one another is a great way to break the ice. People are also likely to strike up conversations with one another as they wait in line. While this may seem positive yet insignificant, small talk can pave the way for important future business conversations, which your event is aimed at facilitating.

Interaction doesn’t have to end when the photo is taken. Encouraging your guests to upload the photos to social media and tagging your company or using a specific hashtag can create an online space for people to connect with each other further. This also has the added bonus of improving your brands’ online presence and helping others to see what amazing events you are capable of hosting.

Photos can serve as precious reminders, and your guests will look back on theirs with fondness, associating these happy memories with your brand. This will strengthen team morale among your staff, and it might help to encourage new clients to get involved with your company.

3. It will help your event stand out

Having a photobooth at a wedding or birthday is becoming increasingly common. But depending on your industry, there may be very few work events that have already incorporated this feature.

If this is the case, then a photo booth is sure to get people excited and interested for all the right reasons. It will create a unique talking point for your event, and it will be a standout feature that guests are likely to remember.

And if you work in an industry where photo booths have started to become a more common fixture, that’s also great! It’s likely that your guests will already have had great experiences with them, and it’ll make them even more excited to make the most out of yours.

4. They create an excellent opportunity for some sneaky self-promotion

At Picture Perfect, we provide our clients with the opportunity to customize their photo booth however they want. If you want your logo all over the photo booth backdrop, we can organize this.

If you want your logo on the printed photos, we can offer you this service as well. Within seconds, people will have photos that include your brand, which they can now keep. This provides great brand presence, that will last as long as people keep hold of their photos.

That’s not to mention all of the free publicity can receive from people uploading their photos to social media. How many photos taken in photo booths have you seen uploaded to social media, giving the impression that the poster enjoyed their amazing night? Guests are going to do this with your photo booth images as well, which presents your brand to a wider audience.

It also helps to portray your company in a positive view, by highlighting the amazing events you are capable of hosting, and the fun party atmosphere you are capable of creating. While the effects of this kind of promotion are impossible to quantify, it can only have positive effects.

There are no ongoing costs for you, and it can help to build up a great impression for future clients. It’s the marketing strategy gift that keeps on giving!

5. They are less expensive than other forms of entertainment

All corporate events need some form of entertainment to keep guests happy and invested in the night’s proceedings. Hiring a photo booth for the night is often a lot cheaper than other types of fun you can have, and a higher rate of people are likely to enjoy it more.

With a photo booth, your guests can create their own experience with their photos, giving them the freedom to create their own fun!

Photo booth DIY project is super easy to create, and your guests can have as much fun on this as they would with a professional one. All you need is a plain background and some kind of photo booth app.

There are so many different ones available for free or a low cost, you’ll have no trouble finding one that is of great quality, and will enhance your night. You can even take advantage of the photo booth mac computers and laptops have built into them – there are some great special features and visual effects that you can use to make fun pictures.

Having a photo booth at your corporate event doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, but you can still make the most out of all of the fun it can bring!

6. They are perfect for every occasion

Is it your annual Christmas party? Or perhaps another significant event for your company, like a charity evening? Get a photo booth to help your guests remember the important occasion! Our photo booths can be tailored to suit any theme, and they offer great keepsakes, reminding attendees about what a great time they had.

You are in charge of a number of aspects of photo booth design, to help create perfectly-themed photos. You can choose the backdrop (or go for a green screen), and you can also add your own touch to the frames on the prints.

We offer an amazing selection of predesigned templates, or you can create your own for a unique final look that your guests will appreciate. Provide props that are associated with the theme of your event, so guests can have some extra fun playing dress-ups. Who doesn’t like to wear a silly Santa hat at Christmas time?

7. They require less work on the night

Although hiring a photo booth does come with some necessary planning if you want it to be a success, this is all done beforehand, when you have the time for it. On the night, the photo booth is manned by a professional, who takes care of everything.

You don’t need to worry about the printing paper running out, or anything going wrong and breaking down, because they will have all of that covered. Your guests are free to use it as they please and enjoy it as much as possible. This leaves you free to focus on more important things, and ensuring that all other components of your corporate event run smoothly!

8. It gives your attendees something to remember the night by!

So much effort is put into organizing business events and making sure that everyone is happy. If you have tried so hard to create an amazing experience, don’t you want people to be able to remember it? One of the best ways to do this, is to offer a tangible memento such as a photo.

Hosting an event with a photo booth provides near-instant keepsakes that you can take home, and they help to serve as a reminder for such a great experience. The photo booths from Picture Perfect can develop photos in 12 seconds, and there is an option to determine how many prints of a photo are created so that everyone can get one.

Picture Perfect also utilizes a built-in photo booth app to send the photos directly to social media, so you can receive the image on Twitter or Facebook. While some people might like to keep a physical copy of their photos, giving people the option to access them electronically means they are less likely to lose the photo.

9. Photo booth rentals are super easy to arrange

Here at Picture Perfect, we make hiring a photo booth a smooth and easy process. We have years of experience in this business, and we are here to make sure you have a night that goes well. Our team are always available to help you, from the start of hiring a photo booth, right until the end of the night.

Our photo booths are always cared for by one of our professional event heroes, to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the night, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

We have a number of different photo booth options for you to choose from so that you find one that works best for your event. If you are only catering a small event with limited space, we have smaller options, such as our Magic Mirror Photo Booth. Indianapolis clients love the uniqueness of this model, and the fact that it doesn’t take up a lot of room is an added bonus. All of our photo booths come with over 100 different props, letting your guests express their imagination with some wild and wacky photos!

All of our photos from our photobooths are totally customizable. You can choose from one of our predesigned templates, or members of our lovely team can help you come up with your own great ideas that reflect the themes of your night, and your company.

10. Your guests might enjoy using a photo booth more than a regular photographer

It’s important to photograph your event, for publicity purposes and to help remember the night. But when taking photos using a professional photographer, your guests might feel the pressure to look perfect, and they might not end up enjoying the experience as much because they’re so worried about getting the right shot.

You often don’t get to see the results straight away, and it can be devastating to get the photos back and find out that everyone at your corporate event looks stilted and uninterested.

With a photo booth, you get your results in seconds. You can see exactly how much everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good night, and they can relax knowing they look great too. One of the benefits to photo booths is that the photo booth camera has an amazing knack for making everyone look great! People having fun in crazy props are always going to look good regardless, so there’s far less pressure on your guests.

If you want thorough coverage of your corporate event, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a traditional photographer as well as a photo booth. Photographers are still great at capturing candid photos, and images of the main points of your night, such as speakers. It just means that guests can also take photos that they have control over, and can determine how they look.

Book a photo booth for your next corporate event, today

So there you go! Ten great reasons why a photo booth is the ultimate must-have for your next corporate event.

There are so many great companies to hire from, but if you are in Indiana, why not check out Picture Perfect. We have a great track record when it comes to corporate events, and know just how to make your night amazing.

We have a number of different locations throughout the United States, including our most recently-opened photo booth rental in Shelbyville, Indiana. Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about how to take your corporate event to the next level.

Have a Going-Away Party That Stands Out!

Whether you’re leaving town for a different city, moving jobs or going traveling, a leaving party is a great way for everyone to see you off. Saying goodbye is never easy but a fun-filled leaving party is a great way of leaving with some happy memories to take away with you.

In the following tips, we’ll look at how to make your leaving party memorable for years to come.

Pick Your Venue

Choosing your venue depends on your numbers and what sort of party you want. Make sure that the venue has adequate space for the number of guests attending and think about if you need space for extras like a photo booth, guest book table, gift table, DJ, etc. Don’t forget to think about parking arrangements too.

Choose a Theme

Farewell party themes are fairly easy. If you’re going off traveling, there are loads of things that can inspire your theme. Equally, if you’re retiring, it’s pretty easy to organize an appropriate theme too.

If you’re a big fan of something specific, why not celebrate that in a theme. If you’re into astronomy, for example, these could easily be incorporated into your farewell party.


The decorations you choose could link into your theme but you could also think about general decorations like balloons, banners, and table decorations. If you’re leaving a job for a new opportunity, choose general decorations like a few sophisticated balloons here and there. If you’re going traveling or moving abroad, you could decorate your room and tables with travel-themed decorations.

Entertainment – Photo Booth and Props

Down to the main part of your party – entertainment! Now here’s where a photo booth can come in! You want your guests to have a good time, but equally, you probably want some lasting memories of the event too! A photo booth is a great way for all of your guests whether friends, family, or colleagues to have fun and get to know each other.

Your photo booth can be themed along with the event so if you’re going traveling, you can choose an appropriate backdrop or have a green screen so you can pretend to be in various locations across the world!

No photo booth is complete without props! A farewell party can have so many different props. What about a chalkboard for good luck messages? Or some Hawaiian leis and sombreros?


If you’re thinking of a guestbook for your farewell, how about using a photo booth too? Your guests could stick a photo of themselves from the photo booth into a book and write a good luck message underneath. Not only will you have a record of who attended your leaving party, but your guests will have a fun time doing it too.

Memories and Souvenirs

Whatever the reason for your leaving party, hiring a photo booth is a great idea. It will provide entertainment for you and your guests as well as creating souvenirs and long-lasting memories for years to come.

Rent a Fashion Runway Booth For Your Corporate Event

Fashion runways are always great at getting people to strut their stuff and have a good time. If you’re planning a corporate event and are thinking of hiring a photo booth, a fashion runway photo booth would be a great choice. Let’s look at some reasons why.

Why is a Fashion Runway Photo Booth a Good Idea?

Hollywood Glamor

A runway photo booth will give your guests the ultimate glamorous photo booth experience and for a split second, they might feel as though they’re on the red carpet at the Oscars! The runway photo booth has a camera that is mounted on a tripod so your guests will feel they’re like the rich and famous being followed by paparazzi.


As with other photo booths, the main purpose of a photo booth is to give your guests a good time. No matter what line of business you’re in, if you’re running a corporate event, a photo booth like the fashion runway booth is guaranteed to entertain your guests right until the end!


Because a runway photo booth is a bit like an open-air photo booth, your guests will be able to see each other taking pictures. This will encourage others to join in too. Everyone will have a great time taking photos, as well as watching others have their photos taken.


If the venue for your event has limited space, a runway photo booth is great because it can easily fit into small spaces.

Group Size

The runway photo booth can fit both small and larger groups of people in a shot so whatever the configuration of your business and tables at your corporate event, you can rest assured that this photo booth will be accessible for all.


Whether you choose a runway-style photo booth or any other photo booth for your corporate event, bear in mind that this is a great marketing tool. A personalized backdrop with your company name, company logo or company hashtag on it will mean that your company gets free marketing whenever a picture is shared.

People love to share photo booth pictures on social networks like Twitter and Instagram. Even better, you could encourage this sharing so that you can retweet or share posts yourself and show what a great company you are to work for and with.


All things considered, you really can’t go wrong with a fashion runway photo booth at your corporate event. It will tick so many boxes! For a business, the biggest benefit of a runway photo booth is by far the marketing you can get from it.

The main things to consider though are props and backdrops. Customize these with your company name, logo or hashtag and watch the marketing happen by itself! Finally, if you allow guests to take home prints, make sure these have your company on too so that no matter where the prints end up, your company name is always there!

Ten Reasons Why a Photo Booth is a Great Addition to your Philadephia Event

Entertainment value:

Having a photo booth is a novelty! They’re so much fun and put a smile on all of your guests’ faces, no matter their age!

Breaking the ice:

For corporate events or charity fundraisers where all of the guests might not know each other, a photo booth is a great activity to break the ice! They’re great for networking and making new friends.

Party favors in a flash – literally!

All guests will get to take home party favor that is personalized! Many photo booths come with printing on-site, so your guests can take home a personalized memory of the event!

Fun for everyone:

No matter the age range of guests at your event, everyone will enjoy the photo booth. Photo booths are easy to use and even elderly guests will let their hair down and have fun with the props.

Raise Awareness:

A photo booth is perhaps not the first thing you think about when you’re looking to organize a charity event yet it is a great way to raise awareness for causes.

For example, if you’re organizing a charity walk or run, you could have a photo booth on the finish line so everyone can have their photo taken. You can even customize the backdrop and photo print out with a charity hashtag or name.

Quick photo prints for all:

Printing on-site is a great advantage of photo booths. With a photo booth, you’re not waiting weeks or months for a professional photographer to edit and touch up your images before the guests get to see them.

Guests can simply grab their prints after they’ve had their photograph taken! You’ll also get to see the images online too!

Sharing online and on social media

This is an area that has grown loads in recent years and it’s something that is only going to continue to grow. Photo booth software these days allows photo booth attendees to upload their photos directly to Facebook and Instagram, for example, or email them to themselves on a touchscreen.


With a photo booth, you can really customize your experience. You can choose a themed backdrop or even have a green screen option. There are loads of ways to customize a photo booth, including props and lighting.

Guest surveys

If your Philadelphia event is a corporate or charity event, you might want to survey your guests. Most software that photo booths use can be customized to allow a quick survey for guests to complete before their photo booth session.

You can ask whatever you want to know – it’s a great way to get leads or get some important data for your business from potential and current customers.

Increase engagement

Photo booths are great tools for business events if you’re trying to grow your presence on social media. If you host an event, you can encourage your guests to upload their photos to social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using a hashtag that you define.

When people engage with a photo booth, your company’s brand will be all over it in terms of hashtags and text on the printouts. It’s a no-brainer really! Customers, employees and guests will all be helping to build your brand when they post online.