Whether you’re leaving town for a different city, moving jobs or going traveling, a leaving party is a great way for everyone to see you off. Saying goodbye is never easy but a fun-filled leaving party is a great way of leaving with some happy memories to take away with you.

In the following tips, we’ll look at how to make your leaving party memorable for years to come.

Pick Your Venue

Choosing your venue depends on your numbers and what sort of party you want. Make sure that the venue has adequate space for the number of guests attending and think about if you need space for extras like a photo booth, guest book table, gift table, DJ, etc. Don’t forget to think about parking arrangements too.

Choose a Theme

Farewell party themes are fairly easy. If you’re going off traveling, there are loads of things that can inspire your theme. Equally, if you’re retiring, it’s pretty easy to organize an appropriate theme too.

If you’re a big fan of something specific, why not celebrate that in a theme. If you’re into astronomy, for example, these could easily be incorporated into your farewell party.


The decorations you choose could link into your theme but you could also think about general decorations like balloons, banners, and table decorations. If you’re leaving a job for a new opportunity, choose general decorations like a few sophisticated balloons here and there. If you’re going traveling or moving abroad, you could decorate your room and tables with travel-themed decorations.

Entertainment – Photo Booth and Props

Down to the main part of your party – entertainment! Now here’s where a photo booth can come in! You want your guests to have a good time, but equally, you probably want some lasting memories of the event too! A photo booth is a great way for all of your guests whether friends, family, or colleagues to have fun and get to know each other.

Your photo booth can be themed along with the event so if you’re going traveling, you can choose an appropriate backdrop or have a green screen so you can pretend to be in various locations across the world!

No photo booth is complete without props! A farewell party can have so many different props. What about a chalkboard for good luck messages? Or some Hawaiian leis and sombreros?


If you’re thinking of a guestbook for your farewell, how about using a photo booth too? Your guests could stick a photo of themselves from the photo booth into a book and write a good luck message underneath. Not only will you have a record of who attended your leaving party, but your guests will have a fun time doing it too.

Memories and Souvenirs

Whatever the reason for your leaving party, hiring a photo booth is a great idea. It will provide entertainment for you and your guests as well as creating souvenirs and long-lasting memories for years to come.