Photobooths come and go as a handy prop for any event because renting a photo booth always guarantees a fun night. Each time they swing into popularity, they offer some fancy new technology that makes them even more exciting than before. Now they’re back, and this time the photos can be uploaded straight to social media. 

What makes photo booths so exciting is the fact that these images can be kept and shared.

Picture Perfect offers new technology that sends the photos to your guests digitally so that they can be put on social media without a hassle. Photo booth images are meant to be shared, and by making them even more accessible online, guests can now share them immediately with the world.

This is a perfect marketing tool that works in real-time, but it’s also a beautiful way to share a night with people who couldn’t make it. Using tools such as hashtags or tagging someone means that they can be easily found, and everyone can share in the good times.

This also means that the images are shared in perfect quality. Taking a photo of a photo booth image can lead to distortion and blurriness, but removing this step ensures that all photos uploaded to social media are crystal clear, and high definition.

Images online last forever.

A physical photo can get lost or damaged, but pictures online never deteriorate and can be accessed whenever. This is the perfect way to share a special occasion such as a wedding, but be able to reminisce on it whenever you want to. The memories never fade, and people will appreciate that this old-school technology has been updated to keep up with modern times, without losing its retro charm.

Picture Perfect is an event service that offers clients total freedom over their photobooth. What props are used, the frame around the printed photo, even the look of the photobooth itself. The photo booth props can be themed to match your event or your company, and the photo booth lettering can spell out a name, date, even a company logo.

Picture Perfect even has photo booths that can generate avatars, which replace the person with a cartoon character. Picture Perfect offers clients complete control, to ensure that these photos enhance their night as much as possible. Whether it’s a photo booth for a wedding or a corporate event, we ensure it is tailored to suit your needs.

As well as sending the photographs directly to social media or phones, the booths will still print a traditional photo. These only take 12 seconds to print and serve as a beautiful, tangible reminder of wonderful memories. Guests can decide what they want to do with the digital and physical copies, but this way they have options that can last forever.

Photo booth rental has never been easier. Simply get in contact with our staff, and we will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. All of the booths are manned by a trained professional, preventing any technical issues and making sure that your guests enjoy their time.