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Lorain, Ohio

Lorain, Ohio Photo Booth Rentals

Picture Perfect Is Taking over the City of Lorain

We are excited to be taking the title of Lorain’s premier photo booth Rental Company. We have proudly served variety of events such as Wedding, Wedding Reception, Birthday Party, Special Occasion, Corporate Event, Social Events, and Family Events etc. Some of our favorite hotspots are Black River Landing - DeLuca's Place In The Park & Catering Service - Fountain Bleau Event Center - Charleston Coffee House & Business Center

Affordable Photo Booth Rental with No Extra Cost

We provide an affordable photo booth rental at an affordable price for Lorain, Ohio with no extra travel fees! You read correctly, Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals does not charge travel fees for photo booth rentals in Lorain, Ohio!

Professionalism at an Affordable Cost

Our photo booth Rentals comes bundled with a photo booth attendant, no matter what price or package you sign up for! That means you can rest assured that you photo booth rental in Lorain, Ohio will operate smoothly and become an attraction you wedding or party guests can enjoy!

Quick and Seamless Photo Booth Rentals

Having trouble getting a solid price or date for your Lorain photo booth rental? Rest assured your photo booth rental will go smoothly in Lorain, Ohio with Picture Perfect Photobooth's sales and service team! We pride ourselves in a quick response time whether it be email or phone! Call today or order online to get started with your Lorain photo booth rental!

Flexible Time

Only need the photo booth for a few hours? Will no photo booth rental company in Lorain, Ohio give you a low price? Perhaps they require a minimum of 4 hours? Not with Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals! Even our Lorain Ohio photo booth rentals can be two-hours! Need more? We'll be more than happy to help you book today!

The History of Lorain City

In 1836, the area was chartered as the village of Charleston, but its name was later changed when it was incorporated as a city in 1874. After 1894, the city went through great industrial development. Some of the major industries included limestone, iron, coal, tubes, steel bars, clothing and cranes.

Lorain’s Unique Luv

The city has great places for its outdoor activities. The major parks of the city are Oakwood and Central park and Longfellow Park. Some of other beautiful attractions & events of the city include Lorain International Festival, Harrison Cultural Community Center, Lorain Underground Railroad Station 100 Monument, Lorain Lighthouse, Stocker Arts Center, and Lorain Palace Theatre.