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Main Features

Checkmark icon Custom Designs option icon. Our custom design allows you to ppersonalize your prints with your own designs and layout.

Custom Design

Personalize your prints with custom designs and layout.

Each photo strip will automatically print a logo personalized by you! Pick the background and texts for your logo from our selection of over 130 options; or tell us your vision, and we’ll craft it to perfection! We send email verification of your logo prior to your event to guarantee your event remains Picture Perfect to the smallest detail.

Price: +25
Checkmark icon Props option icon. Our props option provides a large amount of props to choose from for having fun in the photo booth.


Props are a great and easy way to help spice up the fun.

Have you wondered what you look like with a chicken on your head? How about a fish!? With Picture Perfect’s abundant prop selection, your craziest self shines through! You and your guests can embellish your outfits by choosing from over 100 props, brought by us, for your photo shoot. From suave and sophisticated to knights in shinning armor, we have it all for your event!

Setup prop table.
Price: +25
Checkmark icon Memory Book option icon. Our memory book option provides a scrapbook that you can take home, full of photo strips from your event.

Memory Book

Take home a custom guest book, assembled just for you.

The on-site Event Hero will place every photo taken during your session in an exquisite memory book provided by us. Your guests will have the opportunity to write loving, funny, and heart felt messages straight to you. At the end of the event your memory book will be given directly to you! Not only will you see every second of activity within the photo booth, you will have a one-of-a-kind keepsake that lasts indefinitely.

Photo album example.
Price: +25
Checkmark icon Fast prints option icon. This option is included with every photo booth rental. Our booths provide lab quality prints that are acurate and fast.

Fast Quality Prints

Memories last a lifetime, so will your photos. Lab quality in 12 seconds.

No need to worry about smudging pictures or letting the photo strips dry with Picture Perfect! Our top of the line printers shoot out dry, glossy, professional prints in 12 seconds flat.

Checkmark icon Events Heroes option icon. Every photo booth comes with an event hero. These event heros are our professional and experienced onsite staff that will work to make sure your event is successful.

Event Heroes

Professional and experienced onsite staff.

Our Heroes deliver, set up, and monitor each rental throughout your rental period. They are equipped to handle a variety of situations if necessary, while providing top of the line customer service. Their mission is to create a phenomenal experience for you and your guests.


Checkmark icon Green Screen option icon. Our green screen option allows you to take pictures with a green screen background instead of the standard colored backdrop that comes with our photo booths.

Green Screen

Allow your dreams to appear in reality.

Our current Green Screens

Send your guests around the world in seconds! This feature allows guests to hand pick the green screen background of each picture from our abundant selection; then, let our innovative software do the rest! Our software will superimpose your guests on to the virtual backgrounds they choose. Make your night more memorable with personalized or themed backgrounds for your guests to enjoy.

Green screen photo strip example from our photo booth.
Price: +50
Checkmark icon Flash Drive option icon. Our flash drive option is used in place of a CD to take home all of the photo booth pictures from your event.

Flash Drive

Take home all your photos on a flash drive instead of a CD.

Price: +10
Checkmark icon 4 by 6 prints option icon. Our 4 by 6 option allows you to have our photo booth to print out 4 by 6 photo strips.

4x6 Prints

Take your custom design to the next level with prints that are 4 inches x 6 inches.

Your guest will receive larger prints with this upgrade. Our 4”x 6” designs are ready to be framed and displayed; your guests will have a great keepsake from your celebration!

Photo strip size comparison.
Price: +50
Checkmark icon 6 by 8 prints option icon. Our 4 by 6 option allows you to have our photo booth to print out 6 by 8 photo strips.

6x8 Prints

Take your custom design to the max with prints that are 6 inches x 8 inches.

These large prints are perfect for publicizing your organization or company. We’ll design the page to your specifications, including background designs, fonts, logos, and photo placement. Like all of our packages, this option comes with unlimited prints, so everyone in the picture can have a copy!

Photo strip size comparison.
Price: +100
Checkmark icon Jumbo printsoption icon. Our Jumbo photo Strips option allows you to have our photo booth to print out 2 by 8 photo strips.

Jumbo Photo Strips

These mammoths are the largest photo strips! At 2" x 8" they are a great way for you to impress your guests. A true keepsake that will get your guests talking.

Photo strip size comparison.
Price: +250
Checkmark icon Picture frames option icon. Our photo booth picture frames option provides you with picture frames that can be used to keep your photo strips in.

Photo Booth Picture Frames

Photo booth picture frames are designed to fit and protect your prints.

Frame your photo strip seconds after it prints! You will receive 100 frames with each order for your guests. The photo strips slide easily into these L-shaped frames that fit in our standard 2”x6” prints and 4”x6” perfectly!

Photo Booth Frame      Photo Booth Frames
Price: +90
Checkmark icon Red carpet runway option icon. Our red carpet runway option provides the photo booth with a red carpet runway for that Hollywood feel for your event.

Red carpet Runway

Your guests will feel like celebrities as they strut down the red carpet and into the photo booth. Velvet ropes accompany our high-quality red runway for a true Hollywood atmosphere!

Our Big Black Photo Booth with the red carpet runway set up.
Price: +50
Checkmark icon Camera upgrade option icon. Our camera upgrade option provides the photo booth with a higher quality camera to be used for the photos.

Nikon Camera Upgrade

Our standard cameras provide high quality pictures that can be printed on 12 inch by 12 inch without any pixilation. If you want to step up that quality, we offer our Nikon Camera Upgrade.

Our Nikon Camera Upgrade provides pictures with such high quality that each photo strip can be printed on a canvas that is 12ft tall and 3.5ft wide!

Price: +50
Checkmark icon Custom backgrounds option icon. Our customized backdrops option allows you to choose from more of our photo booth backdrops. These are used for the background in the pictures for your event.

Customized Backdrops

Add flare to your prints with a background of your choice.

Add some shimmer and color to the background of every photo with our physical background options! Pick from a variety of streamer colors and textures to extend your style or event theme into every picture.

Custom background examples.
More customer background examples.
Price: +50
Checkmark icon Magnetic tape option icon. The magnetic tape option provides you with magnetic tape that goes on the back of your photo strips.

Magnetic Tape

Magnetic Tape adds magnetism to the back of every photo strip.

This gives your guests the ability to magnetically stick every photo strip to their refrigerators, lockers, car interiors, or any other metals surface.

Magnetic tape in use example.
Price: +25
Checkmark icon External monitor option icon. This option provides your photo booth with an extra monitor that is on the outside of the booth. The monitor will display a slideshow of all the pictures that have been taken so far at your event.

External Monitor

This option will thoroughly entertain guests as they view what is happening in the booth as they wait their turn.

Give your guests the joy of seeing every picture taken during your events! Our 23” external monitor mounts securely to the pop-up photo booth frame. As soon as each photo session ends, the pictures are automatically entered into the photo reel, which will continuously cycle throughout your event.

The Big Black Photo Booth with an external monitor.
Price: +75

Specialty Add-ons

Checkmark icon Photo booth collage option icon. With this option, we will build a custimzed collage from all the pictures taken from your event with our photo booth.

Photo Booth Collage

Take your event home with you! Create breath taking wall art from those silly and adorable images.

With this add-on we’ll send you an exceptional piece of art created from the photos taken at your event. Our collages range in size from 11" X 17" to 22" X 28”. Your photo collage will be the perfect accent piece to any décor. A true work of art specially tailored for you!

Frame not included. Poster only.

Photo booth collage example.
Price: +80
Checkmark icon Mirror booth option icon. The Mirror Boooth is a specialized photo booth that is built into a mirror.

Mirror Booth

Our Mirror Booth is a photo booth on STEROIDS! it is a fun and interactive way to customize every photo in 2 steps.

  • Step 1. Smile
  • Step 2. Spray
  • Step 3. Print

It is perfect for Corporate Events, Fundraisers, and Youth Events.

Mirror booth video.
Price: +500
Checkmark icon Flip booth option icon. The Flip Booth option allows our photo booth to print out a flipbook from a short video that our booth takes.

Flip Booth

Our flipbooks are small books with a series of pictures. When the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures animate your 7-second video.

Our mobile flipbook station takes the pencil drawn stick figures and digitizes them, with you as the main character! You and your guests will star in 7-second videos, then watch as we print, cut, and staple a flipbook replicating your memory, and creating personalized party favors for each guest.

Flip booth video.
Price: +200
Checkmark icon Slowmotion booth option icon. This option provides our photo booth with slow motion technology will make a video of your guests at 240 frames per second.

Slowmotion Booth

Our slow motion technology will make a video of your guests at 240 frames per second.

Slow your motion to accentuate the excitement! You and your guests will take a 12 second video that our computers will slow down creating some serious laughs! Make it rain with confetti or blow us a raspberry. Our Slow Motion Booth will catch every exciting moment at your event!

Price: +200
Checkmark icon Party print app option icon. This option allows your guests to use their smartphone to take and print pictures at the event.

Party Print App

The selfie snap n' print will empower your guest to instantly print pictures from their phone.

This innovative option allows your guests to snap away all evening with their cellphone and instantly send their event selfies directly to our high quality photo printers! Your guest can collect their printed selfies, and other pictures, from our on-site Event Hero, who will be set up in the location of your choosing. You will receive an memory book, online gallery and a CD galley of every pictures printed at your event.

$299 for the 4 hour starter package including the first 700 4”x6” prints. $125 for each additional set of 700 4”x6” prints.

Party print app instructions banner.
Price: +250
Checkmark icon Bobble head booth option icon. This option provides the photo booth with ability to print out bobble heads from pictures taken at the event. The photo booth will print out your face to be placed on one of the many figures we have to offer.

Bobble Head

The Bobble Head Station allows each guest to take home an actual bobble head for themself.

Give your guests the ability to see themselves as body builders, sumo wrestlers, or as if they were out on a shopping spree! Guests stand in front of a green screen backdrop with their best or silliest face. We’ll snap a picture and send it directly to our bobble head software, which prints and cuts out the head with esteemed precision. The head is then attached to the funny body of your guest’s choosing via spring and glue by our on-site Event Heroes. Our bobble heads are sure to be enjoyed by people of all ages!

Bobble head booth video.
Price: +500
Checkmark icon Graffiti wall booth option icon. This option provides you with a specialized photo booth. The booth itself is a large touch screen canvas where you can add effect to pictures that the booth takes.

Graffiti Wall

Graffiti Wall is a unique and exciting showcase that will have guests talking and laughing all night. This product that allows your guest to make an interactive creation of virtual graffiti on a digital wall and then print it out!

Your guests can select from images specified by you, or from our preset selection, and let lose on their wild side! By using our infrared spray can, guests can “draw” on the projected art. Our computer tracks the beam emitted by the spray can and converts it into a virtual image that appears before the guest’s eyes. The wall art, tailored by you and your guests, can be printed on site and shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email!

Graffiti wall booth video.
Price: +500

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